Its time for us to be Global Citizens

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In some countries around the world, teachers and students take it for granted that education is easily accessible.  After all, the classrooms are equipped with desks, chairs, white boards, writing utensils, books and so much more.  Yet in other countries, such as those in Africa or Asia, school supplies are extremely limited.  Studies have proven that illiteracy is linked to poverty, sub-standard health care and other socio-economic concerns.

Rather than each country focusing on the needs of its own people, it’s time for us to become global citizens.  Just as we share the same planet and the same air, we need to share the responsibility of assisting all children in gaining an education.  By sharing this responsibility, we can greatly reduce illiteracy which in return will increase the overall health and well-being of countries worldwide. For example,  a group of elementary students from Vancouver played a big role in bringing solar power to a library in Uganda

As administrators and educators, we need to teach our students to think globally. We need to alert students of the needs within their country and the needs of other countries and encourage them to invest in these needs.  The possibilities of helping with educational needs are endless.  For example:

  • Students can collect school supplies such as paper, pencils, erasers, calculators, etc. and have the supplies shipped to a country in need through a local nonprofit organization.
  • schools can save box tops, labels and/or pop can tabs to be used to help provide educational supplies to children in need in poor countries.
  • Work teams can be formed to go to another country to help build schools.
  • Students can become pen pals with students from another country, helping the students to understand English better.
  • Global Education Movement Exchange Programs can be formed by schools so students of different countries and mingle and gain knowledge of problems faced by them.

Thanks to technology, promoting education globally is possible.  At EduCare, we provide one-on-one live tutoring to students who need academic assistance in the United States.  Regardless of where students are located, with the utilization of the internet, students are being tutored at home.  To promote education globally, at the conclusion of each tutoring session, EduCare is committed to help fund the education of a child in Africa or Asia.  Students receiving the online tutoring can choose which country they would like to help another student in need.

On our website, we keep parents and students updated on how the funding is going.  We’ve already been able to help over 500 students, set up a computer lab and provided science supplies.  Along with revolutionizing the way we teach to kids in the United States, we also think it is our responsibility to help those students in poor communities who have the potential but not the needed resources. Our desire is to have a truly sustainable business that will be able to consistently help students in poor countries by providing them educational resources.  In return, we hope that these children will be equipped to help provide better living conditions within their own countries.

Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or a parent, we need to educate, encourage and equip our young people to have a vision for global outreach.  Our students should be supported in their efforts to help solve global challenges such as education, faced by other countries around the world.


EduCare is a socially responsible online education company based in Virginia that is committed to promoting education globally


Piyush is the founder of EduCare, a socially responsible online education company. EduCare provides online one-on-one tutoring and develops educational mobile apps for K-12 and college students. And with every tutoring session completed or a mobile app downloaded by a student in developed country, they help educate an underprivileged child in need through their Global Education Movement. EduCare was founded to promote education globally. Before founding EduCare, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University with a magna cum laude honor in May 2010.

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