Krochet Kids intl. Released Its 2013 Annual Report and Its Social Impact Is Amazing

Krochet Kids intl. recently released its 2013 annual report featuring unique data that illustrates the company’s impact on empowering women and their families. To confront poverty’s multi-dimensional causes, KK intl. takes a holistic approach by giving women in the program the tools and opportunities to care for themselves and the world around them in the long term. For the first time ever, KK intl. is releasing program metrics that illustrate how skills, education and basic resources can forever change a life.

The 2013 Annual Report showcases KK intl.’s sustainable economic development programs that support individuals and communities inUganda and Peru. Economic, physical, psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual indicators allow KK intl. to measure the progress each woman and her family makes on the road to empowerment. By tracking the monthly progress of each participant, KK intl. is utilizing big data to measure impact in an unparalleled way compared to others in the social good landscape.



In 2013 alone, KK intl. mentors provided 10,560 hours of one-on-one counseling and more than 80 training programs were made available to program participants. But perhaps the greatest evidence of sustainable impact can be told by those working on the ground, according to KK intl. Ugandan Country Director Idro Dominic.

“I’ve witnessed an extreme transformation of our local community in Gulu,” said Idro Dominic, a local Ugandan who was promoted from Program Director to Country Director in 2013. “This year we saw lives impacted far beyond job security—program participants have empowered their entire families to rise out of poverty. Our first Krochet Kids Uganda graduate, Beatrice, has been an inspiration to over 150 of her peers who are striving every day to change their lives forever.”


To support key program activities and mentorship, KK intl. has created a sustainable revenue generation model that has spurred the brand toward continued growth. In 2013, 86% of the organization’s revenue was generated by product sales—and retail sales of hats, scarves and clothing made by program participants increased by 36% from the previous year. An astonishing $2,131,904 was generated by product sales and donations, and only 11% went to overhead expenses. The remaining funds were invested directly back into program initiatives and providing program participants with training, mentorship and other program activities.

“Our impact on individuals and communities within developing nations has grown immensely in the past year,” said Kohl Crecelius, CEO and co-founder of KK intl. “We’ve found a way to re-imagine the traditional impact model by monitoring and evaluating the data of each program participant individually to ensure they achieve independence and empowerment that lasts forever. Through the faithful participation of women and their families in Uganda and Peru, help from our donors, and support from the local communities of our supported countries, we’re on the road to making an even greater impact in 2014 and beyond.”


In 2014, KK intl. will continue to drive beneficiaries’ impact by providing customers with a wide selection of high-quality items. Its newest Cut & Sew program in Peru, for example, has broadened the team’s impact by expanding its retail categories. All products—from hats, to apparel, to travel bags—bear the name and the story of the woman who made it, through a hand-signed tag with her name.


 source Krochet Kids Intl.

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