LEGO Signs Agreement with WWF to Build a Greener Supply Chain

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 legoThe LEGO Group has signed a partnership with WWF to help reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint. It has pledged to focus on improving its performance on several environmental fronts, including a collaborative approach with its suppliers to reduce climate impact.

LEGO’s own production processes at its factories contribute just 10 percent of the total carbon emissions related to LEGO products. The bulk of the emissions occur across the supply chain. This is where the company is now working to expand its engagement with suppliers to reduce the total environmental impact.

As a part of LEGO Group’s partnership agreement with WWF, the company will launch test projects along with its suppliers in 2014 to co-develop optimal solutions to address the supply chain carbon emission impact. It will work with an environmental strategy for materials, which may include using fewer materials to make the products, improving recyclability of the products, and using renewable or recycled materials.

The agreement with WWF also includes a commitment to evaluate how the LEGO Group can make innovations in its products to make them more sustainable. The company has set a goal for itself to cut down its energy use by a minimum of 10 percent in the production of LEGO elements by 2016. The LEGO Group has pledged to produce more renewable energy and to become 100%+ renewable by 2016.

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, the CEO of LEGO Group, says that the company has experienced strong growth over the last eight years, and it is increasingly aware of its growing impact on the planet. The company’s partnership with WWF is a key step in LEGO Group’s efforts to derive the best out of its sustainability initiatives. The company is keen to be a significant contributor to WWF’s overall vision of 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

Gitte Seeberg, CEO of WWF Denmark,commented on the new partnership by saying that changes in corporate practices are important to make real progress for the climate. The WWF is pleased to see that a major company like the LEGO Group is now also a Climate Saver.


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