Local Radio Station Raises Awareness for Adopt a Village in Laos

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Always trying to figure out ways of increasing public awareness of Adopt a Village in Laos, I went online recently and googled Lao community organizations in Ontario. My search didn’t take long to reveal a list of organizations. Among them was a Toronto-based multicultural radio station known as Fairchild Radio. After going to their web site, I quickly discovered that one of its Sunday morning programs, Radio Sieng Lao, was devoted to sharing news and information of interest to Toronto’s Lao community. What a perfect platform, I thought, from which to share with the rest of the world this humanitarian organization’s existence.

I first approached the program director of the station to explain the reason for my query. Several phone calls and emails later, the program director finally put me in touch with the program broker for Radio Sieng Lao, Kham Keovongsa.

On Sunday, August 28, the first Adopt a Village in Laos public service announcement was broadcast. Included in that segment was news about the upcoming fundraiser at the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope, Ontario and the presentation at one of the Chapters Indigo bookstores in downtown Toronto. Throughout September, Radio Sieng Lao will broadcast similar public service announcements.

On Sunday, September 4, the second public service announcement aired. Instead of simply listening to the program this time, I took the opportunity to record it. Later, I edited the broadcast and then uploaded it for all the world to hear.

Please note that when listening to this recording, you must wait thirty-one seconds for the public service announcement to begin. (Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles.)

At two minutes and forty-eight seconds and seven minutes and forty-eight seconds into the recording, the announcer breaks into English. When I initially heard these segments, I was very surprised. But that surprise quickly melted into delight as the announcer specifically directed her voice to the author of this post.

I must extend great thanks to Kham Keovongsa of Fairchild Radio Toronto who helped make this small media event a reality and for helping to raise awareness of Adopt a Village in Laos.


It is said that a journey begins with a single step. On Tuesday, July 7, 2010 my journey to Laos began when I met Mike Yap, who introduced me to the Adopt a Village project. Having always been fascinated by other cultures, I was immediately captivated by the concept. In mid-August I visited Port Hope, where Mike and Steve Rutledge, who is the other half of the driving force behind this humanitarian effort, reside. That weekend I listened to Steve talk with great enthusiasm about their work. I became more and more intrigued. On Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I visited them again. That Saturday night I had the honour of attending their presentation/fundraiser for the Adopt a Village in Laos project at the beautifully restored Capitol Theatre in downtown Port Hope, Ontario. Having never had their presentation/fundraisers captured on video before, I volunteered to record this event with my iPhone. When I returned home, I would edit it and then upload it to YouTube in hopes of raising awareness of their work to a larger audience. From that weekend I came away glowing inside with a wonderfully positive energy. Inspired, I made a commitment to myself and to Mike and Steve that I would help them with their endeavours. Since that time, I haven't disappointed. Please visit my personal blog, My Journey to Laos, at http://myjourneytolaos.blogspot.com to see how I have been trying to help them raise awareness for their cause. Ultimately, I will go to Laos and experience for myself all the great work which they have done and continue to do.

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