Maldives Goes Deep for 350

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I’m going to try to write this post in 350 words exactly as my own contribution to the International Day of Climate Action, approaching on October 24th. I’m giving you a 3-day heads up so that you can figure out your own action to save our planet.


Why now? Because NASA climatologist James Hansen and his team showed us years ago that if we let the amount of carbon increase over 350 parts per million…our world will no longer be as we know it. Things will change drastically and we may render the earth inhabitable, little by little. It is already happening. We are at 390 parts per million and global warming has become reality for many. If you don’t believe me, ask Maldives.

President Mohammed Nasheed of Maldives and his esteemed cabinet held a meeting underwater this week as a call to action for other countries to cut down on their carbon emissions. The president and 13 cabinet officials suited up in scuba gear and submerged themselves in a lagoon, 20 feet below the surface, where they signed paperwork for climate change. As an archipelago that is approximately seven feet above sea level, Maldives and its population of 350,000 is on the front line of danger for being affected by the melting polar ice caps. Their scuba stint in Girifushi was intended to draw attention to the Maldivian plight. If you need further proof of their dedication, many of the cabinet members had never dived before and had to take courses just to complete the stunt.

The act of Maldives was a show of solidarity for the movement, the catalyst behind the October 24th Climate Action Day. For one year, has been building a movement that asks the world to take one day – October 24th – to stop the climate crisis. This Saturday has been sanctified because it is exactly six weeks until world leaders meet in December for an intense discussion on a new climate treaty, the successor to the Kyoto Protocol.

There are 4,043 actions listed in 168 different countries. What can you do for 350?

There is only one way to find out. CLICK.HERE.

(350 words on the dot. Hollaaaaa.)

denali_logo is an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that justice demand.


Ashley is a friend of anyone who is fighting the good fight for social change. She has worked for environmental advocacy in Montana, poverty eradication in Guatemala, and peace and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland. She now lives in Bilbao in the Basque region of Spain where she teaches International Relations English and is pursuing her Masters in Language Acquisition in Multicultural Settings.

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