Minnesota Social Entrepreneur Wins $20,000

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Minnesota-based social venture organization Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) recently took home the top prize at The Social Entrepreneur’s Cup in Minneapolis. RREAL was one of four finalists, out of dozens of applicants, who were asked to compete as part of the 2009 Engaged Philanthropy Conference hosted by Social Venture Partners Minnesota (the same social venture funder that supported Terrie Rose’s Baby’s Space, whom I interviewed here).

Each of the finalists (RREAL, Admission Possible, Hearth Connection, and Apple Tree Dental) made live presentations before the judges and conference attendees, vying for cash grants and consulting assistance. As winner of the competition, RREAL will receive $20,000 as a general operating grant and 40 hours of consulting services from the experienced entrepreneurs and managers who make up Social Venture Partners. They will also be given the opportunity to partake in the next Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, where volunteer web pros work pro bono to overhaul the websites of 12 nonprofit organizations in 24 hours.


RREAL will now move on to compete against the five other Minnesota Cup division winners for the Minnesota Cup grand prize. The event takes place on Sept 10, 2009 and the grand prize includes $20,000 in seed capital and advice from the state’s leaders in finance, accounting, legal and management support services.

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About The Social Entrepreneur’s Cup

The Social Entrepreneur’s Cup was created to seek out, celebrate, and promote Minnesota’s most innovative and effective social entrepreneurs and their solutions to society’s most pressing social problems.

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance


RREAL has the unique mission of making solar energy available to people of all income levels.

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