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Posted by on March 19, 2014 in Entrepreneurship, World

day-without-wasteMany of us want to help the environment and produce tangible results in the process. But how to do that is a challenge. Tapping into the power of online social networking, myActions provides a neat platform solve that dilemma and to make our intentions into actions.

It’s pretty cool the way they do it. myActions creates communities where members can share their actions with their online friends. That sounds good but, what’s even better is that for every action taken, a donation is made to a cause the user chooses, such as AZA Conservation Endowment Fund and EAZA Fund. The sponsoring comes from myAction’s partnering with a range of organizations, including municipalities such as Ohio Valley, nonprofits (Net Impact) and brands (EKOCYCLE).

A case study: thanks to a partnership with zoos, city government and regional business across the Ohio Valley, with sponsorship from Johnson & Johnson’s Care to Recycle initiative, myAction is carrying out a campaign to inspire one million green shared actions by Earth Day on April 22. It’s already reached 250,000 since the launch six months ago. And the sharing keeps growing.

Recently, EKOCYCLE and Global Citizen launched #ADayWithoutWaste, a recycling awareness campaign that aims to inspire and educate people to understand how individual actions can amount to change. Users can register and make a one-day commitment to zero waste and then share and measure the impact of their actions on the myActions platform. As a reward, users get the chance to win free concert tickets through the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative and the Global Citizen Nights concert series.

It’s win-win situation all around. The public engages in real-world green actions, inspire others by sharing and connect with companies and organizations that are committed to promote sustainability as well. It’s Earth Day every day.

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