New app connects workers and jobs in Brazil

Posted by on June 23, 2014 in Entrepreneurship, South America

brazilphone-200x133​Living and working in São Paulo can be tough. The city is choked with cars and its traffic jams are epic, sometimes stretching as long as a hundred mile, or even more. Living close to work is a dream for many workers who do not want to waste four hours of their day commuting.

São Paulo blue-collar workers are quite typical of workers in emerging countries in that they all own a mobile phone. Therefore tapping this method of communication in Brazil is the smart thing to do for those trying to reach out to this huge labor market.

In response to this scenario, Jacob Rosenbloom has created Emprego Ligado, a mobile phone service to connect workers and jobs. In ​an ​article published by software giant SAP, which supports the project, Rosenblum said he wanted to help lower class consumers on the job market in a region where virtual infrastructure is precarious. “They don’t pay for profiles; they have no credit on their phones. They communicate using the simplest language as if they are talking to their mother or a friend, so we’ve adapted to their level of colloquialism. Their needs are urgent; they don’t have time to wait for jobs,” he said.

Emprego Ligad​o​ runs a mobile business without apps because its target audience cannot afford smartphones. Therefore, standard SMS messaging remains the ideal media within this context.

To get an idea of how big the market for this type of service can be we only need to look at the statistics. Brazil’s labor market comprises 102 million people. Of that total, only about 15 million have any education beyond high school and are semi-illiterate. For that reason, Emprego Ligado plans to expand beyond its current focus on São Paulo to cover other parts of Brazil ​, where commuting issues are similar and workers are equally equipped with a mobile phone.

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