New Mobile App Connects Consumers with Sustainable Local Businesses

Posted by on March 3, 2016 in Entrepreneurship, Tech

appMobile apps are transforming the way a company can connect with consumers and influence their purchase habits and choices. An Iowa State University study showed that there is a direct link between app use and purchase activity. Google calls app users and other connected consumers “Generation C,” a powerful new force in consumer culture.

Morgan Berman, a local woman entrepreneur from Philadelphia, has developed a new mobile app that promotes local businesses that focus on sustainability. The app, My MilkCrate, is an innovative lifestyle tool that engages and rewards people for living more sustainably. The app shows consumers local sustainable options for dining, shopping, transit, and various other lifestyle categories. It offers thousands of listings in a single seamless experience.

My MilkCrate has entered into strategic data partnerships with leading nonprofits, enabling the app users to support local businesses and learn about sustainability efforts in their community. Berman says that her mission behind the app is to shift consumer spending into the local sustainable economy. It generates revenue by promoting businesses that care about their impact on the planet.

Berman believes that individual choices and purchases of consumers can add up to momentous collective change and create more sustainable communities everywhere. The real success of this endeavor lies in increased spending in the local sustainable economy. When the consumers’ money circulates closer to home in more sustainable purchases, it will create more local jobs and help reverse the negative impact of consumption into a positive force.

According to Berman, My MilkCrate is turning into a platform that helps whole communities track and improve their spending as conscientious consumers. Tens of thousands of consumers are using the app, and now the company is targeting communities such as universities and workplaces that want to make a difference with their wallets.

Current partners of My MilkCrate include SBN, which is helping to build a greener economy in the Greater Philadelphia region; Fair Food, which unites local farmers with businesses and consumers; the Humane League, which acts as advocates for farm animals; and Clean Air Council, B Corp, DVGBC, Energy Co-op, Fair Trade Philly, Certifiably Green Denver, Bicycle Benefits, and the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA).

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