New Technology Simplifies Fueling

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SAPSAP has entered into a tech partnership with Toyota InfoTechnology Center USA (Toyota ITC) and VeriFone to make drivers’ fueling experience simpler. SAP is using its SAP HANA Cloud Platform as ​the base​ on which the solution is built. ​It enables consumers, with a single touch of a screen, to find the nearest gas station, process payment and receive personalized coupons. The system aggregates a range of information to provide this information: vehicle location, route and fuel level. It even collects data on points of interest.

VeriFone chips in with point-of-sale technology while Toyota ITC ​provides telematics data. The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an emerging wireless standard that enables micro-location services. All the processes and information come together via the SAP Cloud portfolio and are presented to the user in a screen on the Toyota ITC Dashboard so drivers can ​have a user-friendly experience.

It all starts with the driver being notified when the vehicle is running low in fuel. Using Toyota ITC telematics system, the vehicle recommends a gas station location based on real-time information such as location and the vehicle’s fuel level. It also takes into account a driver’s pre-entered personal preferences such as preferred gas stations and which stations have opted in to the program.

When the car arrives at the gas station and stops at the pump, the driver can authorize the transaction with a single click from their car or app on a mobile device. Once fueling is completed, the driver receives an electronic receipt. Drivers can view all previous fueling transactions and easily export them to other systems, such as an expense report. Gas stations may also provide discounts, loyalty points and other coupons based on the driver’s profile.

So far, similar attempts to connect cars ​have been​ based on complex systems. The SAP partnership greatly simplifies the process, and offers a much more user-friendly experience.

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