Offset Your Carbon Footprint with ClimatePath

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Do you ever think about corrupt industry lobbyists, the corporate greedy and money grubbing conglomerates and wish they would start living in the 21st century? Human-caused global warming, animal extinction and climate refugees are all scientifically proven and accepted by the general public, not to mention caused by these same companies. Why can’t these corporate giants just go green already? (No, I did not say greenwash!)

Sick of waiting for companies to turn it around? Well, I have the perfect Web site for you.

It’s called ClimatePath.


Before, tracking your carbon footprint was like blazing a trail, you had an idea about what to do, but couldn’t figure out where you were going. ClimatePath helps you define your carbon footprint in three easy steps, vehicle, home and air travel. Just punch in your estimates, or exact figures, and you’re half way to living a greener lifestyle.


Your next step in offsetting your greenhouse gas usage is choosing projects to support. ClimatePath uses the highest degree of transparency to provide you with the facts about where your money goes. Choose from wind energy in North Dakota and rebuilding a greener New Orleans to conserving Costa Rican rain forests and supporting geothermal energy in Guatamala.

All project donation costs lay between $10 and $25 per ton of pollution. The average American contributes about 17 tons (mine was about 13). So, for a reasonable yearly price you can contribute to amazing projects that are helping to conserve resources, save the Earth and offset your impact.

ClimatePath also recognizes the importance of daily conservation efforts and the sharing of ideas, make sure to visit their conservation and discussion pages. And, if your organization, big or small, would like to get involved, visit

You now can offset your carbon footprint without waiting for lollygagging corporate America. Go green baby!


ClimatePath logo

  • ClimatePath allows individuals and businesses to reduce climate change by conserving and offsetting their impact.
  • Organization Type: For-Profit Social Venture
  • Website:
  • Founder(s): Dave Rochlin and Katy Foreman
  • Founded: 2008
  • Location: United States of America
  • See complete company list here

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14 Comments on "Offset Your Carbon Footprint with ClimatePath"

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