Papa Lemon Books: Creating Cultural Awareness via Children’s Books

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Though we didn’t plan for this, today’s posts are turning out to reflect noteworthy children’s book series. In a similar manner that it is beneficial for our children to be informed about their less privileged peers around the world, it is also advantageous that they are informed about cultures and people different from them who reside right in their own backyards.

For example, to help us bridge cultural gaps, eradicate racial stereotypes and cultivate meaningful relationships between peoples of the African American and Caucasian races, we must be open to knowledge of each other’s cultures and cultural nuances. One company taking a stab at creating awareness of the African American culture via a series of Children’s books is Papa Lemon Books.

Papa Lemon Books is a multi-cultural children’s book series aimed at teaching all children about our country’s diverse history. Each book is authored by co-founder Lehman Riley and features his African American grandfather, Papa Lemon, as a main character and positive role model for youth. Papa Lemon stories incorporate true adventures of Papa Lemon and his family as they lived and learned while providing a stimulating, diverse perspective for children.

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