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Susty Party isn’t just a Brooklyn-based product. It’s a party-based solution.

Party litter can be the best kind of litter: You wake up in the morning, and the remnants from last night’s soiree, head-banger, or holiday open house – namely, the fork-scraped icing on a dozen disposable plates – are the tell tale signs that last night’s party was indeed a success. At least everyone stayed for dessert.

Parties have been making social life glitter since, well, before glitter was invented. We just found out that trash from parties and events is the second biggest source of waste behind the construction industry. Luckily, the waste part isn’t what makes parties fun, something Emily Doubilet realized the whole way through her journey to launch Susty Party.

“Shortly after graduating from Oberlin College, I was living in New York City, working as a sustainability director at a manufacturing company, and creating events as a performance artist,” Emily told us. “I’ve always been interested in the intersection between art and the environment. I believe people need to laugh and be entertained in order to truly appreciate nature and the world around us.”

Emily formed Susty Party to give parties the sustainable edge that has been traditionally hard to find. All of their plates and bowls are made of tapioca starch, grass fiber, and mineral pigments; the straws are made from sustainably harvested paper with a small amount of wax and adhesive. They are compostable, which means that under completely natural conditions, they will biodegrade at a quick pace. In addition, none of their products contain toxic materials.

If Susty Party is also interested in the way we clean things up and dispose of items, they’re also interested in the way products are made in the first place. To this end, they produce all of their products in the USA in factories that give fair wages and maintain healthy workspaces. Furthermore, they have started a partnership with a nonprofit that gives training and employment opportunities to visually-impaired people in the United States.

Katy Gathright

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