Philanthropy Goes Indie at YBP

Posted by on October 8, 2009 in Featured, Videos

The Yellow Bird Project is another organization that I’ve found recently that supports my theory of Canada being a highly underrated nation. (Akoha being the first). YBP for short, this Montreal-based non-profit abides by the simple algorithm: T-shirts+charity to the tune of indie rock to creates love of music and love for the world. By allowing musicians to design their own t-shirts and choose the charities that their merchandise sales will benefit, YBP is manufacturing compassionate citizens by the dozen.

Merging money, cause awareness, and artistic profile doesn’t stop at t-shirts either. This month, YBP has dished out their Indie Rock Coloring Book, with all royalties going to charity. You can add color by crayon to popular indie bands like The Dears, Rilo Kiley, Devendra Banhart, Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene, and more. Finally, with the YBP Indie Rock Coloring Book “reliving your childhood” can be chalked up as a concrete social action. O Canada, what more could we ask for in a neighbor?


Yellow Bird Project


Indie rock bands are leaking creativity. Why not harness their magical indie powers to help out those in need? T-shirts for charity.


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