RBS SE 100 Index: A New Index to Help Social Entrepreneurs

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Launched just last month at the Voice 09 conference and created in partnership with the RBS Community Bank and Social Enterprise Magazine, the RBS SE 100 Index enables social businesses to monitor their growth and social impact.


The index charts the growth and impact of any organizations that deliver social, economic or environmental change including charities, housing associations, co-ops, social firms, community enterprises or ethical businesses.

“Every month the Index will focus on a new sector or marketplace including: health, education, employment and training and finance. The five organisations with the highest annual turnover growth will be published on a dedicated website, alongside expert advice about measuring social impact and information about the winner. Any organisation that delivers social, economic or environmental change can sign up for the index and nominations are also welcome.”

“In March 2010 the top 100 highest growth organisations will be announced with awards totaling £50,000 given for three separate categories, including; the highest growth, the most effective measurement of social return and best new contribution in terms of either social impact or growth.”

Very, very cool. Social entrepreneurs: please keep in mind this is a UK based organization and you may need to adhere to specific qualifications to be nominated or listed on the index depending on your location although the site makes no mention of that.

RBS SE 100 Index


  • Tool that charts the growth and impact of any organisations that deliver social, economic or environmental change.
  • Organization Type: Other
  • Website: www.se100.co.uk
  • Founder(s):RBS Community Bank, Social Enterprise Magazine
  • Founded:2009
  • Location:London, United Kingdom
  • See complete company list here

Image Source: se100.co.uk


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