Re-Inventing Education in Egypt: the Creation of Play Cities and Educational Board Games

Posted by on June 24, 2014 in Africa, Education, Entrepreneurship

For several years now, there’s been a positive trend towards alternative forms of education in Egypt. A little over a year ago, a team under the initiative of “mini- medina: mini- city” had an idea to create a learning experience for children that allows them to discover the concept of citizenship within a play city.

The initiative aims at allowing the children to understand the foundation and the mechanisms of a city, from the creation of its laws and its government to the execution of the most basic types of employment:

  •  Creating a space that provides free access for all children without boundaries and on a voluntary basis.
  • Promoting a time learning experience about being a citizen with their rights and duties.
  • Allowing children living in Egypt to experiment with taking initiative and with the process of decision making.
  • Promoting an environment that works on involving and providing benefit for children from disadvantaged groups (including barriers caused by social or economic, impairment, language or gender).
  • And finally, to provide an atmosphere of respect without pressure to perform, because we acknowledge that every child is different.

Mini- Medina PosterMini-medina offers children (ages 7 to 15) a mostly adult-free play environment in which to create their own version of society on a small scale with schools, government, post office, restaurants, etc. The big difference is that the city is managed and organized by children, following in the footsteps of mini-münchen (a successful play-city model developed in Munich/Germany over the last 40 years).

Today, and after working with over 250 children and 50 volunteers, they need your help to raise funds to run more regular mini- medinas and have some of the participating children attend Mini- Munich this summer!

Help raise funds?

For more information on Mini- Medina check their facebook page: Let’s play city: mini-cairo 2013

Another cool enterprise you can also support is Weladna and their created educational board game under the theme of: Baladna- Play to educate.


Nairy Abd El Shafy

Nairy is an enthusiastic social activist with a passion for community service and social work. For over five years, she has been exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & innovation through her involvement with over 30 NGOs. An AFS Community Service Alumni to Costa Rica and a passionate advocate to young agents of change through the MOSAIC committee at CISV Egypt.

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