ReGreen Completes Major Solar Power System

Posted by on May 29, 2014 in Green, Tech

Photo_-_ReGreen_and_GK_PRESS_Property_Image_-300x111ReGreen, ​an​ LA-based company speacialized in solar PV, solar thermal (hot water) and lighting, has successfully completed a major multi-family solar farm comprising 112 separate installations of solar thermal (hot water) and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for Goldrich & Kest Industries. The retrofit Project wired 34 apartment complexes to solar energy solutions, and involved the installation of 1,200 Heliodyne solar thermal panels as well as 1,664 solar photovoltaic panels.

​The properties where the solar PV panels were installed on are in Northern California and the Thermal ones around Los Angeles area. ​Combined, the installations will generate both financial and environmental benefits, offsetting 6,840,777 kilowatt-hour per year, or a 70 percent reduction in Goldrich & Kest’s energy usage.

ReGreen’s founder and CEO, Kevin Refoua, estimates that approximately 84% of the company’s investment will be recovered by the end of year one, thanks to the 30% federal solar tax credit, depreciation and utility rebates. This means more net profits and long-term savings.

The massive job had to be completed in a short period of time due to certain government deadlines. The ReGreen team had only six months to design and complete the installations while similar projects usually take one year to complete. To rise to the challenge, ReGreen took a highly organized and streamlined approach to managing the project, coordinating with the client, governmental agencies and utility companies along the way.

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