SAP Technology Helps Coffee Farmers Deal With Climate Change

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SAP_Colombian-coffee_shutterstockClimate change is already happening and affecting all types of industries world over. Agriculture is particularly vulnerable, as coffee farmers in South America can attest.

In that part of the world, the consequences of weather chaos on coffee plantations is already wreaking havoc with crops and, consequently, the livelihoods of those people who depend on it to earn their bread.

Plagues such as coffee rust and drought are some of the challenges being faced by producers in that part of the world.

But technology could help those farmers cope better with this new climate reality. According to a report in Fast Company magazine, the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and SAP are developing technology solutions to empower those small producers with fast access to information that could save them time and make them more money.

One of them is a coffee portal application created by FNC using a SAP database backend, which is available for mobile phones. FNC bought tablets for growers so they access real time information about prices, trading and send emails, too.

SAP has been providing FNC technical training as part of its CSR outreach. The training includes the use of technology as well as farming management and coffee cultivation methods. 500 farmers have been trained so far, but to plan is to train the 56,000 families that FNC has in its membership list.

“This collaboration with SAP is fundamental” says Sonia Acuna, from the Federacion de Cafeteros de Colombia. “It’s very important for coffee farmers to have access to technology.

Farmers who were new computing were trained in workshops started in 2013 that gave them the skills they needs and helped them demystify technology. Their children also take part and learn fast, opening new possibilities for them. Besides, a farmer’s life becomes more flexible. More workshops are in the plans.

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