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Submit your resources by February 24th and win $500 cash!

seToolbelt’s latest Resource Competition is on!

Our Resource Competitions solicit original, unpublished tools to add to our resource library for social entrepreneurs. We are looking for innovative, practical, real-life responses to the challenges that arise in social enterprises so that we can make these original tools available to a wider community of practitioners. That’s where you come in!

We encourage you to submit those back-of-the-napkin tools that have changed the way your social venture functions! We know how it works in real life—resources aren’t always pretty and polished, and we don’t care! We want your innovative ideas, templates, policies, approaches, no matter how rough they are. Our goal is to collect original tools from social enterprise practitioners around the world, and make them available for other social entrepreneurs to use, change, and improve on in an open source, collaborative way. With any luck, you could win cash and have your tool used and iterated on by other practitioners working to change the world!

With that in mind, this week’s featured resource is one of three winners from our last Resource Competition. This resource was developed and submitted by GO!, an enterprising nonprofit business network devoted to building awareness about the value of local ownership, commerce, and community sustainability in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge region.

As GO! transitioned from an initiative to a standalone organization, its leadership structure also had to evolve from an ad hock, informal steering committee to a formal Board of Directors. To support that transition, GO! developed this Board Member Commitment Letter: a simple, clearly articulated statement of the expectations, duties, and responsibilities of prospective board members. Having this tool in place helped GO! to seamlessly transition into a formal leadership structure stacked with committed, eager, and qualified board members.

GO! Board Member Commitment Letter

GO!’s Board Member Commitment Letter is in document format and made available under a Creative Commons Share-Alike attribution, so that other practitioners can simply download, edit, repurpose, and adjust the tool to meet their own needs. It’s our hope at seToolbelt that this kind of resource sharing will not only advance individual initiatives and practices, but help to build the field of social entrepreneurship as a whole.

So, get to it! Login to seToolbelt, and submit your creative, original, practical tools. You could win cash (who doesn’t want $500?) plus the great feeling of knowing that you’re supporting fellow changemakers as we all strive to work better, faster, and smarter for good.

Lindsay Miller

Lindsay leads, a free open content resource hub that helps social entrepreneurs plan, start, manage, and grow successful social enterprises. She has worked as a consultant to social enterprises and nonprofits in the US and abroad, served as the Programming Lead for the Skoll World Forum, and studied as a Skoll Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford's Said Business School. She lives in Hood River, Oregon.

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