Skoll Provides Dr.Brilliant $100 Million to Solve the World’s Most Pressing Problems

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Dr.Larry Brilliant has announced his amicable departure from his position as Chief Philanthropic Evangelist of for a new position with the Skoll Foundation, as head of the organizations’ newly created Urgent Threats Fund.

He will be in charge of managing and allocating 100 million dollars to solve the world’s five more pressing problems: pandemics, global warming, the Middle East, water and nuclear proliferation. Yesterday, he briefly spoke with NPR about his new role. Listen here:



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One Comment on "Skoll Provides Dr.Brilliant $100 Million to Solve the World’s Most Pressing Problems"

  1. GHI May 18, 2009 at 7:58 pm ·

    That is a really broad set of issues, I wonder what aspect they will focus on (technology, policy, high risk projects, education?). Also I wonder what kind of collaborations will occur with Google?

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