Social Impact Reporting Tool Adopted by Safeway, Oakley, Frontier Airlines and Family Dollar

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techVersaic, a San Mateo, CA-based online CSR and sustainability program management provider, has introduced an innovative Impact Reporting tool that enables users to measure the social impact of their giving programs. Safeway, Oakley, Frontier Airlines and Family Dollar are among the companies that have adopted the new tool.

Monitoring, measuring and reporting on impact have become a critical component of comprehensive giving programs at many companies. However, it is a challenge to achieve accurate assessments in this area. The Impact Reporting tool allows users to track the donations by automatically requesting follow up information from approved nonprofits once an event has taken place or a contribution has been made. The users of the tool will be required to make no additional effort, and the data collection and reporting process will be streamlined automatically.

Oakley includes product donations and charitable events as a part of its active giving program. The company has made a commitment to issue its first CSR report in 2014 and it believes the Impact Reporting tool from Versaic will prove to be useful in assisting the company to collect data for the report. The tool not only delivers on the front of data, but also on the front of reporting about real stories related to the social impact.

Versaic says that its clients are aware that their social contributions make a difference, but they typically find it hard to quantify the ultimate impact of a donation or a grant. The Impact Reporting system makes it effortless for companies to collect relevant data and information at the right time to better understand the impact their programs are making and their overall philanthropic footprint.

A number of automated tools to facilitate the giving process are being introduced now. One of the recent ones has been the public beta launch of Ching. This is the first-ever purchase driven fundraising tool designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations. With this tool, a nonprofit can earn revenue through its supporters’ everyday online purchases at some of the leading online retailers in the country, including Amazon and Nordstrom.

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