Social travelling with Staydu

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Staydu ( is a social travel website created to support intercultural exchange. The goal is to more than open minds to different lifestyles and foreign traditions with other values; Staydu’s ambition is also to ensure our members experience this on a daily basis. People from around the world open their homes on staydu and offer a room & board in exchange for one of three things: work, money or free of charge!

There’s a great choice, including hostels, B&Bs, surfing and diving schools, farms, eco-projects, language schools and social projects. Alternatively, you can simply relax with regular people in their homes. You’re sure to cross paths with spiritual individuals, vegetarians, plus both the rich and poor… each pursuing their version of an authentic lifestyle. Whoever they are, you’ll be warmly welcomed.


Social travelling is a culture-rich way to get around on a slim budget. Using staydu, you’ll be surprised at how much further your budget will get you than a traditional tourist budget. For one, staydu knocks expensive hotel bills and over-priced restaurants on the head. Enjoy engaging with locals – wherever ‘local’ may be along your next journey, develop a taste for new foods, and perhaps even take your first steps towards learning a language.

On staydu you can easily plan your next trip. Use the site to find a  travel companion, and remember to read the latest travel advice in the staydu travel magazine plus answers to frequently asked travel questions in the travel forum before you hit the road.

Staydu. Come stay, will you?

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