Sustainalytics Provides ESG Research to Bloomberg

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BergSusNewJInvestors who rely on Bloomberg data will have access to environmental, social and governance (ESG) research assessments produced by Sustainalytics, a global investment research firm that specializes in sustainability research and analysis. Sustainalytics’ proprietary indicators provide investors with a macro level assessment of how companies are managing their ESG capital.

All Bloomberg Professional Service users will now be able to review these high-level company scores and percentile rankings across ESG measurements. Subscribers to both platforms can study more in-depth assessments of approximately 1,600 global, developed markets, ranked against industry peers across 15 performance indicators.

The coverage includes analysis of a company’s management and risk exposure, any high-profile incidents involving ESG factors, thematic and overall ESG scores, and momentum trends in ESG programs and practices. In coming months, historical scores dating back to 2009 will become available, allowing investors to track performance over time.

Curtis Ravenel, Global Head of Sustainability Initiatives at Bloomberg, said, “We have seen the number of customers using ESG data increase at an annual rate of 48%, which means that there is a growing demand for this type of information. It is becoming a critical element in the decision making process of investors and more specifically, our customers.”

Michael Jantzi, CEO of Sustainalytics, said, “The inclusion of ESG information on platforms such as Bloomberg is yet another positive indication of the mainstreaming of sustainability in capital markets. Having corporate ESG performance data housed alongside more traditional financial information allows investors to more easily integrate ESG factors into their fundamental analysis.”

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