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Craig Newmark funds API to build user-generated nonprofit reviews into software Read this great post from craigconnects.org (the blog of Craig Newmark,  Founder of Craig’s List).  It’s a guest post from Perla […]

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Unlock Intrapreneurship: Big Company, Bigger Impact

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Editor’s note: This post was written by Cheryl Heller, chair of the first MFA in Design for Social Innovation, Board Chair of PopTech, and ...


The People Want Business with a Purpose (Will Social Intrapreneurs Deliver?)

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More U.S. consumers now believe that individuals, not the government, are responsible for tackling society’s problems, according to the global ...


When CSR Spells Life or Death

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While corporate social responsibility is all well and good, you might be one of the people left wondering: so what? Does the cost of corporate volunte ...

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    Reimagining Work
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    If you won the jackpot today, would you go back to work tomorrow? The question may sound absurd, but there are plenty of lottery winners who have done just that. [...]