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Seven days, seven marathons. The Run Across Congo has created huge awareness for gender equality in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Women runners from around the U.S. gathered together […]


Nourishing 9 Billion: Addressing the Challenge of Producing More Nutritious Food with Less Waste While Conserving Land

July 28, 2015, No comments

Guest blog by Toni Voelker There was excitement in the room when the student organization Net Impact held a SolutionLab at the UC Davis campus, at th ...


“I’ll Have That With a Side of Philanthropy, Please.”

July 28, 2015, No comments

More data from the frontlines about the bottom line benefits of corporate philanthropy, this time with a focus on restaurants. The recent No Kid Hungr ...


Jobs for 100,000 Youth Initiative Supported by Top Companies

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At present, the U.S. has 5.6 million youth in the 16-24 age group who are out of school and not working. On the other side, currently 3.5 million Amer ...

  • oceanJ
    Project Ocean Exhibit Opens at Selfridges
    July 23, 2015, No comments

    British department store Selfridges in London has become a visual installation to raise awareness of ocean pollution. Part of the ongoing Project Ocean, it tells the public about the dire [...]

  • Why People Don’t Trust Your Company
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    Public relations firm Edelman has released an annual global survey on trust for the past 14 years, providing a snapshot for how people view governments, leaders, institutions and other entities [...]

  • Legg2J
    The Value of Mentoring
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    It has been proven that mentoring can improve a young person’s self-esteem, by guaranteeing a young person that someone cares and they are not alone in dealing with life’s challenges. [...]