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Guatemala has the fourth-highest childhood malnutrition rate in the world, affecting more than half of its children. Fifty-three percent of the population here lives in poverty—13 percent in extreme poverty. […]

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Guayaki’s Sustainable Mission to Save the Rainforest Gets a Boost

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Take five college friends, a strong appreciation of yerba mate, a naturally caffeinated South American beverage, and a desire to make a difference in ...


Quality of experience counts more than the number of years spent acquiring it

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A few weeks ago, I caught up with the Founder of Bravehearts Expeditions, Dziedzorm JayJay Segbefia to share his wins and losses during his entreprene ...


Who Are the Next 25 Social Enterprise Stars? We’re Still Looking to Meet Them

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Our campaign to add 25 social enterprise stars to our loan portfolio over the next year is introducing RSF to hundreds of social enterprises striving ...