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The term “social entrepreneur” is being tossed around so often that I’m beginning to fear it will become as meaningless as “green.” A true entrepreneur looks a lot like Mark [...]


Elsevier Foundation’s Grant Schemes Boost Research in Developing Countries

December 17, 2013, No comments

The Elsevier Foundation has announced the 2013 grant recipients for the Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries and New Scholars award programs. ...


New Walden University Study Reveals Six Distinct Types of Social Change Agents Around the World

December 11, 2013, 1 Comment

Positive social change occurs when individuals strongly believe they have the power to make a difference—and they take action. On average, 92% ...


‘Eco’-Status Quo? How Belgian Environmentalists And Businesses Are Learning To Play Nice

November 13, 2013, No comments

This is the fourth post in our series sharing Ashoka’s key insights on leading trends in social entrepreneurship and the environment coming out ...

  • Letter to a social entrepreneur
    A Letter to a Social entrepreneur.
    July 22, 2013, No comments

    Dear Social Entrepreneur So you want to start a business that really changes the world, welcome to the club. Many of us want to leave a mark on the universe, [...]

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    Week of Online Events About Social Intrapreneurship
    March 7, 2013, No comments

    Ashoka, the world’s largest organization of social entrepreneurs, teamed up with Accenture as the convening sponsor to host a global competition—The League of Intrapreneurs: Building Better Business from the Inside [...]

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    Mentors: Key to Success for Social Innovators
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    Recently, I continued my conversation with Beth Parkhill, founder of Mentor Planet, a social enterprise dedicated to spurring innovation and impact mentoring relationships. This time we discussed: “Essential ways mentors help [...]