The Cool new School in Rural India

In a Country where 40% of the population is illiterate Implementing new technologies is a big turn off for schools and colleges in rural or semi rural India. Primarily because of the costs involved and also the lack of knowledge regarding the use and the possibilities which these bring along for the future of the students.

Just to give you an insight of the state of schools in rural and semi rural India here is a brief synopsis. Most of the schools in rural India do not have toilets for girls, students have to walk very far in order to attend schools which are in distant places and these areas do not have any roads and thus no transport facilities, teachers do not want to teach here because the pay is very less and these schools also do not have any facilities to even provide a roof over the head of the students.

Among all these hardships and problems there is still a light of hope which burns in the form of various NGO’s and individuals taking initiatives to provide for these facilities and one such individual is Mr Vipin Sharma the Director of Crescent public Sr Sec  School here in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

children in crescent school

By providing not only good facilities for the students in this semi rural area of Himachal but also utilizing the concept of Digital teaching system along with providing students with education through the internet by investing in digital education with India leading Educomp he has not only reduced the amount of load which students have of carrying books over large distances but has also made the education provided to be interactive and intuitive thus making education fun for students resulting in a less number of drop-off’s which is a big problem in these areas. Providing students with classes in 3D thus making it interactive and fun he has also provided WIFI internet for all the students in order to keep them up to date with the latest changes in the world and also providing them with education on a world class basis. Everything from attendance to classes to exams is done online through a server installed in the school which is regularly synced with their server in Delhi thus providing them the same level of education which students get in urban areas of India.

This vision of providing digital education facilities to students in Palampur was made possible through the support and contribution of AirJaldi an Internet service provider specializing in providing internet to rural and semi rural areas based in Dharamsala which was able to provide for sustainable and reliable internet in the less developed area of Palampur.  AirJaldi’s Concept of providing internet through WIFI powered by solar panels has made it possible for Crescent school to use internet which will not be effected much by the changing weather conditions and limited electricity.

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