The Deep Dive into SOCAP11: Money + Meaning = ?

Posted by on August 10, 2011 in Funding, Microfinance

In its fourth year running, the SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) Conference has evolved to be more than just a place that hosts an interdisciplinary gathering at the intersection of money and meaning. It has become synonymous with a platform of immersion for collaboration and community. A community that dives deeper each year into the meaning of impact, return and progress.

This year’s theme is one where the organizers have challenged participants instead to do the math and tell them what we think the social capital market stands for. What needs to be designed? What needs to be curated?

In order to achieve this theme, besides an impressive speaker lineup and innovative new tracks, SOCAP has provided three unique platforms to help get attendants started on their deep dive:

1) SOCAP Social Network provided by Pathable 

For the first time, SOCAP is providing a way for participants to connect online and offline for the conference. This tool, provided by Pathable, allows participants to create a community, integrating data from twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking services. The interface is dynamic: highlighting attendees profiles, registration, personal scheduling as well as conversation starters. Below is a sneak peek on the main page of the network.

My favorite aspect of this tool is that as part of the “scheduling” tool, you can not only create your own personalized schedule but also click through to each session to see who is attending and connect with other individuals attending!

2) Creating Art 

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

One of the ways that the organizers have chosen to build on this year’s theme is through the beauty of art. Art installations will be on display at SOCAP to illuminate the theme of Money + Meaning = ? The implication for these art installations at a social capital markets conference demonstrates that this money-meaning intersection goes well beyond the financial world. It is the beliefs, the ethos, the values and the systems behind this movement that truly brings these art pieces to life. It is about the representation of events and behavior that is too powerful to capture in just words alone. Most of all, it is about the recognition that this visual representation of inward significance is a vital part of a strategic initiative.

A second component to these art pieces that is truly special is that there will be an opportunity for attendants to contribute to an art installation. Stay tuned to what would be created by attendants over the three days!

3) Recognizing Connections 

The SOCAP organizing committee has done a remarkable job this year in connecting attendants. Besides Pathable, another way this connection is manifesting itself is are through #SOCAPchat sessions on twitter. Two chat sessions have already been carried and two more are on the way. Details are below:

Hashtag: #SOCAPchat
Time: 11am PST/2pm EST
Duration: 45 Minutes
Moderator: @SOCAPmarkets

#SOCAPchat Schedule

Tuesday, August 2 - People Powered Capital

Tuesday, August 9 -  Green 2.0: Sustaining People & Planet

Tuesday, August 16 - Technology: Inclusive & Investable

Tuesday, August 30 - Valuable Strangers

SOCAP is bringing together a global community of change makers who are forming partnerships and funding innovative solutions that are built to achieve positive social change and yield profits – Kevin Jones, SOCAP Founder
The Social Capital Markets intersection is a movement that is created through human connection and the search for meaning. At SOCAP, this theme has never rang truer. This creation will truly be one to be reckoned with.



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