The Socially Conscious Book Club (Week 4): Green Baby Books

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This week’s book was chosen from a unique perspective, it isn’t just about being green, it actually is green.  Made from 98% recycled materials, the Green Start Series by Ikids is composed of educational books, games and puzzle combinations.

Throughout the Green Start Series, parents can teach their children about exotic locations like the Amazon rainforest and the open ocean.  In Green Start: In the Rainforest and Green Start: Deep Blue Sea. Green Series: In the Garden children explore the benefits of a self-sustaining garden (in a way the young ones understand, of course).
The books also come with games and puzzles for kids to interact with. Puzzles and games range from jigsaw  puzzles to memory games and are all part of the Green Series slogan, “98% sustainability and 100% education.”

So if you’re a parent, a parent to be, consider checking  out the Green Series by ikids on Amazon (which was the only place I could find it). And if you don’t have kids, think “present” for family and friends and keep this idea in mind for the future.

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