There’s a Lot of Voltage On California Roads

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Chevrolet-Volt-HalfBillionMiles-300x225​Electric vehicles (EV) are slowly but surely making significant inroads into the transport network as automakers look for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. A recently released figure confirms that the road to sustainability is paved with ingenuity and powered with electricity.

The fresh data comes from GM, whose flagship electric car Volt has clocked up more than half a billion all-electric miles since its late 2010 launch. GM studied more than 300 Volts circulating in California for more than 30 months ​. B​esides coming across their impressive accumulate​d ​mileage, the survey found that many Volt owners are exceeding the EPA-rated label of 35 miles of EV range per full charge. What’s more, about 15 percent are surpassing 40 miles of range.

Volt drivers are doing more than 63 percent of their overall driving in EV mode. While the driving range in EV mode can be greatly impacted by temperature, driving technique and terrain, what becomes clear due to the ease with which Volt drivers are avoiding gasoline is that the vehicle is suitable for almost any lifestyle.

Volt owners who charge regularly typically drive more than 970 miles between fill-ups and visit the gas station less than once a month. The 2014 Volt provides owners with fuel economy of EPA estimated 98 MPGe (electric) and 35 city/40 highway on gasoline power, saving $1,450 in annual fuel costs with no change in daily driving habits.

In an independent study conducted between July and December 2013, Volt drivers who participated in the Department of Energy’s EV Project managed by Idaho National Labs totaled 1,198,114 vehicle trips of which 974,692, or 81.4 percent, were completed without the gasoline-powered generator being used.

All of this translates into environmental gains, that is, fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Volt drivers have reduced gasoline consumption by more than 25 million gallons. That equals to Washington D.C. going gas-free for two and half months, GM said in a press statement.

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