Thousands Get Clean Water Through the Clean Water Campaign

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Body_Kenya_1Clean water is a ​comfort​ that most of us take for granted. Sadly, this is not the case for more than a billion ​people ​in the world, who struggle to access potable water for drinking and cooking. The water issue has become a major environmental concern as water resources are used up, deforestation causes rivers to dry up and climate change exacerbates the problem.

Fortunately for some families in Kenya, Ghana and Honduras the Clean Water Campaign is helping revert that situation with water filters, specifically Hydraid biosand filters. The campaign has plans to reach people in Ethiopia and India as well. Using NativeEnergy’s Help Build project model, a carbon offset scheme that funds new carbon projects, water filters have been installed in more than 2,300 homes where the majority of people obtain water from contaminated sources like rural watering holes and urban canals. Funding came from National Geographic Expeditions, REVERB, and artists that work with REVERB.

Besides bringing clean water to people in need, the project helps eliminate and avoid the burning of firewood used to boil water, which results in less greenhouse gas being pumped into the atmosphere and providing Gold Standard certified carbon offsets. The projects in Kenya, Ghana, and Honduras combined will offset nearly 165,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution during the first 10 years of the projects.

NativeEnergy and National Geographic Expeditions has been collaborating since 2008 to enable new clean technology projects and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of its adventure travel trips.

“National Geographic Expeditions is working with NativeEnergy to develop offset projects in the regions that our trips visit. Supporting the Clean Water Campaign is one way we are accomplishing this goal,” said Scott Kish, Vice President of Program Management and Guest Services for National Geographic Expeditions.

REVERB is a nonprofit that works with nationally-touring bands and uses offsets as one way to green up music tours. This year’s Clean Water Campaign was supported by acts that included Maroon 5, Barenaked Ladies, Diplo and Brandi Carlile. “Going on the road inevitably produces emissions. With NativeEnergy offsets, fans and bands are reducing net emissions while putting clean water in the hands of thousands of vulnerable people,” explains Adam Gardner, Co-Founder and Co-Director of REVERB.

Offsets for the Clean Water Campaign are currently available through NativeEnergy.

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