Two Social Venture Entrepreneurs Set Out on Cross-Country Road Trip to “Buy America Back”

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The People vs. Citizens United; Buying America Back!, a new web-based venture that promotes dialogue between consumers and companies announced today that its principals, Maurice Bretzfield and Ben Miller have begun a 40 day 4,000 mile cross-country road trip to meet social entrepreneurs across the country.

“We are travelling across the United States to meet and interview people and businesses who are taking a different approach. There are people all across our country who realize that our current path is unsustainable” said Maurice Bretzfield,’s CEO and co-founder. “Some people make a difference every day through their purchasing decisions and there are companies throughout our country that are making real change through business practices that emphasize sustainability and creating “shared value” for all of their stakeholders. That’s why we are  producing a web series that will result in a full-length documentary titled “The People vs. Citizens United – Buying America Back” Bretzfield continued.

“America is at a crossroads. People have lost faith in all of our major institutions, especially Government and Big Business. Big Business has bought down our political system and our democracy. We need to adapt and seek other ways to empower ourselves and more and more of us are turning to business to foster social change” Ben Miller,’s COO and co-founder continued. will release single-interview webisodes from each city we pass through. They’ll interview concerned citizens, social entrepreneurs, corporate social responsibility pro’s and sustainability experts.

You can follow these social venture entrepreneurs at

The “Buying America Back” road trip kicked off on July 30 beginning in Las Vegas and will end in New York in early September. Some of the cities that will be visited include Las Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Boulder Colorado, Kansas City, Iowa City, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburg and Philadelphia.

If you are a social venture enterprise located in any one of those cities and would like to be a part of this project you can contact at

“We look forward to meeting people across this country who are making a difference and telling you their stories. We hope our efforts will make a big change in the way people think about their relationship to Corporate America and understand that our current trajectory is unsustainable economically, environmentally and socially and that the change we require begins with each of us” said Bretzfield.

Follow the journey here on Social Earth and at, and! “gamifies” sustainability. Companies that have taken it upon themselves to incorporate socially responsible practices and policies will be empowered to inform their local community. When company- and location- specific data on social impact becomes publicly available consumers will be sufficiently informed and radically empowered. The bottom line of socially responsible companies will grow while destructive companies will be strongly pressured to improve.

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