W1SDØM.net & seToolbelt.org join forces in service to global change

With the rapid evolution in sophistication and scale of social and environmental enterprise, it is becoming increasingly clear that we require a new paradigm for supporting each other in realizing the change we’re all seeking.

In short, the ventures, advisers, investors and networks committed to transforming the human condition are in need of more rapid and effective connection to the various forms of capital they require to accelerate their success.

The uni-directional nature of financial capital flows are by both virtue and necessity being augmented by more balanced and nuanced exchanges of intellectual, human and social capital, resulting in a far more complex yet equitable market in which agents for change are going about their business.

Several recent high-profile mergers and acquisitions in the digital arena give credence to the assertion that we are collectively suffering from destination overload. Paradoxically while the technology we have at our disposal is more than adequate for discerning signal from noise, the applications of it are frequently counter-intuitive at best and counter-productive at worst – the inevitable consequence of industrial-age thinking in a social economy.

We believe that if we’re going to enable and not hinder those who are committing themselves to the creation of a better world, we need to facilitate the shortest possible path between them and the knowledge, connections and capital they require.

The teams at W1SDØM and seToolbelt have come to the realization that it’s time for a new way of doing business. To that end we are breaking down the walls between us, collapsing our silos and embracing the type of radical collaboration we believe is necessary for the creation of transformative models.

If you’re curious to discover more, support our evolution, or join us as we undertake this journey, please get in touch.

We look forward to walking and working beside you!

seToolbelt.org is a resource hub that provides free management tools, information, and resources to help practitioners launch, manage, and grow successful social enterprises. Its mission is to promote the field of social enterprise through an open content platform that facilitates access to resources, virtual knowledge sharing, cross-learning, and collaborative problem solving between key players in the sector. Its free resource library contains over 1,500 downloadable tools, templates, articles, and resources, with more being added daily by users and Content Partners.
W1SDØM.net is a global marketplace that values, measures and facilitates the flow of human, social, intellectual and financial capital between the ventures, advisers, investors and networks that are working for the common good. With the largest database of impact investors in North America, and a rapidly growing database of ventures and advisers, W1SDØM provides a central location for individuals and organizations to connect, communicate and collaborate in service to social, environmental and economic change.

Lindsay Miller

Lindsay leads seToolbelt.org, a free open content resource hub that helps social entrepreneurs plan, start, manage, and grow successful social enterprises. She has worked as a consultant to social enterprises and nonprofits in the US and abroad, served as the Programming Lead for the Skoll World Forum, and studied as a Skoll Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford's Said Business School. She lives in Hood River, Oregon.

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