Wage War on Waste!

Posted by on April 20, 2012 in Green

Looking for a way to get active this week for Earth Day?  One easy way to reduce  your impact is to ditch the disposable paper towel habit in favor of a reusable option.  You can B.Y.O.Towel with something from home, or even better, use one designed for on-the-go use like PeopleTowels.  Made from 100% organic, Fair Trade cotton, they are lightweight, compact, absorbent and fast drying.  If one in 4 adults switched to PeopleTowels for a year, they would save:

– Enough trees to cover the state of Alaska
– Enough waste the fill Fenway Stadium four times
– Enough water to fill 22 Olympic size swimming pools

Simply by bringing their own, reusable hand towel.

Up for a little guerilla warfare?  Against waste that is.  In celebration of Earth Day, PeopleTowels is hosting a Wage War on Waste campaign.  UpHelp them educate the masses by placing a Wage War on Waste sticker on each paper towel dispenser you come across – the more, the better!  We do ask that you gain permission where possible and place stickers with respect.  This may be war, but there are rules of engagement.

 How it works:

1.  Where possible, gain permission before posting the sticker.
2.  Download the FREE Wage War on Waste sticker template here: Wage War on Waste Sticker Template
3.  Print them on any 4″ x 2″ sticker/ label, or simply print on paper and use tape to attach.
4. Snap photos of your strategically placed, anti-paper towel stickers and email them to PeopleTowels – simply snap and send. Add  community@peopletowels.com into your contact list now for easy photo emailing from your mobile phone.
5.  The more entries you submit, the higher your chances of winning! Choosing winners at random, we will award one, $200 American Express Gift Card and a 5 Day Supply of PeopleTowels to one Grand Prize Winner.  Five additional entrants will also win a 5-Day Supply ofPeopleTowels.

The campaign runs through 11:59pm EST on April 21, 2012.  Winners will be announced on April 22, 2012 and contacted via email.  Please read complete rules here: Sweepstakes Rules.

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