The Feast Conference at Your Office: Watch Live

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Watch Live

The Feast is happening right now at the Times Center in New York City.  From all accounts, the conference is an inspiring experience with thought leaders who are creating world-shaking change.  If you are like many who are stuck at their office today, I have good news, you can watch the event free with livestream.  It’s scheduled to begin in 12 minutes (2:00pm EST).

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Also follow the #feastongood hashtag on Twitter to keep up with the latest discussion.  Interesting tweets include:

“There are 5 grocery stores in an area of 120 sq miles in Detroit.  And not one of them of a major chain #feastongood” (via @db)

“The future of business is collaboration. — Cindy Gallop #feastongood” (via @swissmiss)

Jay Parkinson: Approx. 4.5 people work for every 1 doctor. 2.5 of them are dealing with insurance companies. #feastongood (via @core77)

“Lowest income only reads to children 14 hours by time they’re in preschool. In contrast, highest income is 1400 hours #feastongood”  (via @db)

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The Feast Conference

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