What will move the work of social entrepreneurs to the next level of impact?


In recent years, it has become apparent that the rate of change is at an all-time high as change begets change in a world that is interconnected like never before. In today’s world, we see new business and social enterprises cropping up everywhere and tremendous value being created within loose networks. There is an increasing need for new solutions to growing problems and Fortune 500 companies and Gen Y youth alike find themselves having to rethink their roles to reposition their leadership. The world now faces the question social entrepreneurs have long been encountering: to follow the status quo or courageously forge ahead and reinvent a society where everyone is a powerful changemaker.

Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton and leadership group members Henry De Sio and Beverly Schwartz host a workshop at this year’s Skoll World Forum that explores what will catapult the work of social entrepreneurs to the highest zone of impact as well as conversations around what will tip a system. The workshop will incorporate interactive activities around the individual journey which takes a change agent to one that helps others be changemakers.

The “Framework Change Laboratory” will take place on Wednesday April 10, as a pre-Skoll event at 1:15pm GMT. Come, participate and contribute, be sure not to miss it if you will be at Skoll this year.

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