“Women in Seafood” Highlights Women’s Role in Sustainable Fishing

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awomanseJThe role women play in making seafood more sustainable is about to get more attention as a new online video series focuses on them. ​The Sea Delight Ocean Fund, which is affiliated to Sea Delight, a Miami-based company specialized in responsibl​e ​​fish and seafood, has launched ​the ser​​ies ​in recognition of the work women do to preserve oceans.

Developed by Adriana Sánchez, sustainability director for Sea Delight and ​pr​esident of the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, the initiative is the result of ​her​ five-year effort​s ​as the coordinator of the Global Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to promote sustainable seafood.

Sánchez says the experience has given her an insight in​to ​the​ crucial roles women play in this industry and the supply chain​. She felt it was important to highlight their work.

The series will feature women answering questions on what they are doing to tackle the issue of seafood sustainability. The series debuts with Dr. Barbara Blackistone (pictured), ​s​enior ​d​irector of Scientific Affairs for the National Fisheries Institute. ​​Every two weeks a​ new episode will feature a d​ifferent role model​.​

The series is open to suggestions​ in terms of who should be featured.​ These can be sent to Sanchez at this email​,​ or Stacey Schrager​.​

Women in Seafood​ can be wa​t​ched on the organization’s blog, as well as its Facebook page and Twitter feed ​​@tasteoftheseafl.


The state of the world’s oceans has been under the spotlight as ​they are increasingly threatened by industrial fishing that employ damaging practices that harm ​the diversity and abundance of marine life​.

Films like The End of the Line: The World Without Fish have alerted the public to the threat posed by unsustainable and aggressive methods employed by the industry that are leading to a collapse of the world’s fisheries.

​The Sea Delight Ocean Fund ​is part of a larger response to the crisis and an effort to​ implement practical measures to improve fishing practices​. It also p​romote​s​ awareness of the issue among all stakeholders, including the ​consumer ​public.

Image credit: Sea Delight Ocean Fund

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