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Many of you are going to pretend that this post does not apply to you because you are clearly too advanced in your years to enjoy Saturday morning cartoons, but we both know that’s not true.  Most of us unashamedly adore Spongebob Squarepants, so you can stop pretending you only watch it because your half-sister’s, second cousin’s baby niece just “happens” to have it on. We know and it’s O-K.

My most recent fave, the Gorilla in the Greenhouse animated online show, has not yet reached the Saturday morning cartoon circuit, but I’m confident it won’t be long.  Developed by Jay Golden and supported by SustainLane, a provider of online sustainability resources based in San Francisco, this kid’s show focused on sustainability is making it’s way into classrooms across the United States. With the help of four fun friends – Bucket, Socket, Scoot, and Cypher – kids are invited to solve simple problems using green solutions. Not only is it entertaining (even for adults – I confess I’ve watched one too many episodes as an excuse for writing this post), it is an extremely effective educational tool.


Golden and Sustainable Circles are catering to a niche that can be mistakenly overlooked when building a movement – kids and especially, young kids. Youth ages K-5 are incredibly impressionable and consequently, it is the best time to start habit-forming initiatives such as cultivating a strong environmental conscious. So check out the green gorilla’s hip website while you’re chowing on your Cinnamon Frosted Flakes this morning. Come on. You don’t need an excuse. You know you want to.



  • SustainLane is the largest online resource for going green, with over 20000 product reviews, news, blogs, how-tos, local business and restaurant guides and more.
  • Organization Type: For-Profit
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  • Founder(s): Sustainable Circles, Corp.
  • Founded: 2004
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